Varun Dhawan Bites Salman Khan, Shalin Bhanot Pulled Up For Smoking

Bigg Boss 16 Day 42 Highlights: Saturday was an eventful night in the Bigg Boss house. Salman addressed the elephant in the room — Archana Gautam getting violent with Shiv Thakare — and announced that Gori Nagori would be eliminated. However, the highlight of the episode would definitely be the stars of Bhediya — Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon.

The actors appeared on the show to not only promote their upcoming release but also interacted with the contestants. During their chat with Salman, Varun and Kriti had to prove who is a bigger Salman fan. They were asked several questions about Salman and they guessed most of them rightly. They were then blindfolded and asked to perform the hook steps of Salman’s songs. Varun and Kriti got most of them right here as well.

Kriti and Varun then informed Salman that given the premise of Bhediya is that the man turns into a werewolf after he is bitten by the creature in the butt, Varun wanted to bite Salman as well. Salman, being the sport he is, offered his butt for Varun to bute. After a few laughs, Varun bit Salman’s arm.

In the house, they were seen trying to get reactions from contestants by asking them to give a certain part of the ‘bhediya’ aka wolf. Each part denoted different meanings. While the claws meant someone who would backstab, the tail meant following someone’s lead.

After that, Varun and Kriti brought in a few mean lines said by the contestants in recent episodes and asked the contestants to guess who said it. They were given a bottle of foam and asked to spray the foam on the contestants that they think might have said the lines. After the game, Varun and Kriti reunited with Salman exchanged their pleasantries, and left.

When Salman then met the contestants and during his chat with the contestants pulled up Shalin Bhanot for smoking in front of the camera. When Shalin tried to defend himself, Salman was seen trying to control his cool. He ensured to inform Shalin that he was upset but chose to humour him instead of indulging in an argument with him.

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