Style Your House w/ Walmart Christmas Decorations for Under $200!

Shop trendy Walmart Christmas decorations starting at just $10!

woman standing on stairs wearing santa hat with garlands on railing with walmart christmas decorations

Walmart has your “home” for the holidays. 🎄

Walmart Christmas decorations are all you need from your tree, mantel, and steps, to the gifts under the tree! I’m sharing my favorite timeless ideas for your perfect holiday!

Even better, you don’t have to go into the store to scoop them up since Walmart offers FREE 2-day shipping and returns for purchases over $35! 😍

suv trunk full of walmart christmas decorations

I recently ordered a bunch of Walmart Christmas decorations for my home and what’s so great is that many of them were available for same-day pick-up so I was able to start decorating ASAP. 🤩

woman fluffing branches on flocked christmas tree

These decorations have been beyond my expectations! 🤩 In fact, some of them even ended up being more versatile than I expected and ALL of them are super affordable and timeless. 🙌🏻

What more could you want in holiday home decor?! 😍

Check out the Walmart Christmas decorations I scooped up – all for UNDER $200!…

collage with white background and various walmart christmas decorations

If you have your heart set on any of these Walmart Christmas decorations, grab them NOW because items are selling out fast!

In fact, I tried ordering some fairy lights and holiday bells to add my decor but my order was canceled since they sold out so quickly. 😫 But I have my fingers crossed they’ll be back soon! 🤞🏼

Bring these Walmart Christmas decorations home for the holidays! 🎄

This flocked tree was the first Walmart Christmas decoration I grabbed because it was under $80 and comes pre-lit.

woman holding box with Walmart Christmas tree

I’ve had a few different artificial trees over the years with some costing hundreds of dollars and this one seriously impressed me. Artificial trees have come such a long way and I absolutely love the look of a flocked tree! 😍 For under $80 this was a total no-brainer!

And you can’t have a perfect-looking tree without the perfect tree collar!

hand holding tree stand inside hunter green velvet tree collar

Hunter green is the most timeless holiday color, so when I saw this stunning and affordable velvet tree collar, I had to have it!

It fits like a glove so if you’re looking for the perfect holiday essentials, grab this match made in Christmas heaven! 😍🎄

christmas tree lit at night

The key to a full-looking artificial tree is to fluff, fluff, fluff those branches! I spent about 15-20 minutes making sure I fluffed every branch to maximize its full potential.

These Walmart Christmas decorations look phenomenal together and have such a warm, dreamy glow at night. ✨

Honestly, the flocked detailing looks so stunning you don’t even need ornaments if they’re not in the budget. 🤩 My Hip sidekick, Chelsey, has the same exact tree! Here’s what she said about it:

“With just 3 pieces, this tree was a cinch to set up! The warm white color lights are spot on and so pretty that I keep it lit as long as possible just to stare at it! It also fills out so nicely once you fluff it up, without any large gaps or holes. You just can’t beat the under $80 price!” 🤩

Hip Tip: Be sure to put the tree collar around the stand before putting up the tree and have a lint roller handy to clean off the tree collar after assembly.

This advent calendar doubles as a countdown and the perfect mantle decor.

cardboard house advent calendar on table with walmart christmas decorations

Not only is this Walmart Christmas decoration functional and versatile, but it’s also a super fun craft the kids could help put together!

The thickness of the cardstock houses really impressed me. Each of them has lines for exactly where they need to be folded and since the cardstock is super thick they’re easy for any age to assemble. Better yet, they’re sure to last for many years to come! 👏🏻

cardboard houses christmas countdown advent calendar on white fireplace mantel and walmart christmas decorations

This advent calendar kit comes with everything you need including tissue paper to wrap little surprises inside and the string and numbers to complete the look. 🙌🏻 (Note that I did cut the included tissue paper into squares to ensure I had enough.)

I also love how there are 3 different house sizes and styles so you can really make this look as uniform or eclectic as you want. I couldn’t adore this cute Christmas village look anymore! 😍

More than anything I LOVE the bang you get for your buck! 🤩

fireplace with TV and mantle and walmart christmas decorations countdown houses

This $15 kit nearly covers all the empty space on my mantel and fits perfectly under my TV! My kids are already looking forward to the surprises I’ll be putting inside! 😍


Something for the kids to look forward to every night before Christmas. ✅ ✅

I ordered this evergreen garland & wood bead garland for my stairs because they’re the same length and under $30 for BOTH. 

hand holding walmart christmas decorations garland

The price for a great staircase garland can be a tough one to swallow and is the very reason I’ve skipped this kind of Christmas decor every year. Until now…

When I realized this unique cypress evergreen garland and wood bead garland were under $30 for BOTH I simply couldn’t resist! 🤩

woman standing on staircase holding onto decorated railing with garland

Turns out they’re both 9 feet so there was no cutting or trimming when hanging them up. 🙌🏻 Just one set was the perfect fit for the bottom of my staircase railing and made our tiny foyer feel super cozy! 😍

Plus, it doesn’t stick out too much which is perfect for our narrow entrance.

woman standing on stairs wearing santa hat with garlands on railing

I wanted an effortless look so I fluffed all the garland branches downward. Then, I tied them with some velvet ribbon in just a few spots so it looked like real evergreen draped on my railing. I used the smaller bendable evergreen branches to secure the wood bead garland in place. It was the perfect touch to complete the whole look! 🙌🏻

Hip Tip: If you love a beefier look on your stairs, I think a magnolia garland would look amazing, draped as a bottom layer. 🤩

My $5.90 roll of velvet green ribbon matches my tree collar perfectly and has been more versatile than I expected. 

hand holding hunter green ribbon bow on wrapped gift

As you saw above, I was able to use this velvet green ribbon to hang my staircase garlands. It was totally unexpected when I originally bought it but it tied all of my Walmart Christmas decorations together so perfectly. As a bonus, the tree collar I scooped up is the same fabric and dark hunter-green color. 😍

Plus, I have plenty left to wrap some beautiful gifts which is what it was originally intended for, and really pops on some brown kraft wrapping paper. 😍

hand holding a wrapped gift with dark hunter green ribbon

We do the 4 gift rule in our home come Christmas so I tend to put a little extra love into the few gifts that do need wrapping. Velvet ribbon looks and feels so lux and I’ve never bought a roll that was more affordable than this!

You get 10 whole yards of ribbon for under six bucks 🤩 AND it comes in so many different colors (12 to be exact). So there’s definitely one to coordinate some wrapping paper you may have already scooped up.

Lastly, I grabbed a new faux fur throw pillow for under $12…because why not?!

woman sitting on couch holding faux fur throw pillow

You can never have too many pillows and Walmart has so many affordable holiday throw pillows to choose from!

I picked this faux fur throw pillow because it can be used well into winter after all my other Walmart Christmas decorations are long gone. Plus, who doesn’t love getting the most out of every home decor purchase they make?!

hand holding faux fur throw pillow on rug next to christmas gifts

The fabric is soft and cozy and will go with any current throw pillows you have in your home. I really love the texture and intricate pattern which has the look of real rabbit fur. 😍

For under 12 bucks I really can’t believe this score! Plus, if you really love this look, Walmart even has a nearly identical faux fur throw blanket with a snow leopard print! 👏🏻

woman sitting in living room by walmart christmas decorations

There you have it, friends. I spruced up my whole home for the holidays with just $178.44! 🤩🎄

That’s not including the holiday bells and fairy lights I plan to scoop up once they’re back in stock. But even when I do, I’ll still be under my $200 budget. 👏🏻

Overall, I can’t get over the Walmart Christmas decorations I was able to grab for such an affordable price and with such high style! 🤩 I’ll be using these for years to come and I know you’ll love them all too!

Cheers to the best time of year! 🥰🎄

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