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Navi Mumbai: MNS activists beat up hotel manager in Vashi over playing Marathi songs | Navi Mumbai News

NAVI MUMBAI: A manager of a hotel in Satra Plaza commercial complex in Vashi was allegedly beaten up by a group of MNS activists because he delayed playing Marathi songs. The incident took place on Wednesday night.
DCP (zone-1) Vivek Pansare said, “Some MNS activists went to Hotel Taste of Punjab in Satra Plaza, after receiving a complaint that Marathi songs were not being played by the DJ at the hotel premises. Some customers at the hotel had demanded to play Marathi songs, but the manager told them that they will be played after fulfilling the request of a group of BPO employee who had booked a part of the premises for their event.
However, the group of MNS activists were annoyedover the delay and allegedly manhandled the hotel staff and manager. ” He said, acting on a complaint by one of the owners of the hotel, a non-coginazable offence is registered at APMC police station.
Sagar Vichare, an MNS activist, said, “When questioned, the hotel staff told that they don’t play Marathi songs. Hence, an argument led to a minor scuffle between our workers and the hotel staff, which was unintentional. ”
Later, the hotel’s owner, Pradeep Shinde, said that Marathi songs are always played at the hotel, irrespective of the demand by customers. The untoward incident occurred due to some misunderstanding between the customers and the DJ organiser,” he said.

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