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Mustang Driver Flees From Police And Crashes While Filming Himself

The driver of this V6-powered Ford Mustang was lucky not to get shot by police officers

by Brad Anderson

2 hours ago

 Mustang Driver Flees From Police And Crashes While Filming Himself

by Brad Anderson

We’ve seen some idiotic drivers do some stupid things over the years but the driver of this Ford Mustang may be the most dim-witted motorist we’ve ever come across.

The clip, filmed from the front-facing camera of the driver and shared to Reddit, shows him after being pulled over by police in a neighborhood. He can be seen turning around and asking the police, “Why are you pulling me over for? For what? Nah, tripping bro.”

He then hits the throttle and starts to flee from the police in what is apparently a V6-powered Ford Mustang. For the ensuing 40 seconds or so, the driver attempts to speed away from the authorities, routinely looking in his rear-view mirror and pulling the e-brake multiple times instead of actually hitting the brake pedal.

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Things quickly unravel for the driver when he attempted to make a left-hand turn with far too much speed and while using the e-brake. The Mustang then slides violently to the left, slamming into a tree. Despite the severity of the crash, the driver looks to have avoided serious injury and only managed to lose his hat in the crash.

Mere moments later, the police arrive on the scene and the driver initially complies with their instructions, raising both his arms and stating that he doesn’t have a weapon. But, just after an officer yells “If you put your f**king hands down, I’m going to shoot you,” the man drops one of his hands and reaches for his phone. Seconds later, and after being again warned not to drop his hands, he again reaches towards his phone before the clip cuts out.

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It’s unclear what happened after the video ended but if you want a lesson on what you should never do behind the wheel and how not to interact with police officers, this is it.

Via Carscoops

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