Flipkart supply chain gears up for ‘The Big Billions Day 2022’

As the countdown to the much-awaited The Big Billions Days event starts, one of India’s largest e-commerce players, Flipkart, is leaving no stone unturned to ensure seamless movement of shipments across the length and breadth of the country during the weeklong bumper sale. The online shopping platform has a presence in almost every serviceable PIN code in India today and this years’ “special” sale is expected to bring an exponential increase in orders.

The Big Billions Days event in its 2022 edition is very special for Flipkart and for the country at large. In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Hemant Badri, Senior Vice President and Head of Supply Chain, Flipkart spoke about the big event and how Flipkart has been gearing up for the D-day since months at the end.

“After two years of the pandemic, this is the year when people will venture out from their homes to explore the festivities and express themselves. They are really looking forward to the shopping and we are coming up with an exciting selection of products and very exciting offers for our customers. The entire Flipkart seller ecosystem and all of us have been preparing for it over the last few months to make it a delight for our customers,” said Badri.

The Indian e-commerce ecosystem is quite vast and at the centre of this ecosystem is a robust supply chain that forms its backbone. The preparations for an event of this magnitude start months in advance with the entire system being scaled up to help cater to the increased demand.

“Supply chain is very, very key and how you run that supply chain every day with great execution is at the centre of everything you do. The preparation starts way ahead for an event like TBBD. We have expanded our fulfilment centres across the country and have added almost 35 per cent more space across our facilities to cover a total area of 210 lakh square feet,” said Badri.

Seeing the changing trends in e-commerce, Flipkart has expanded its reach in Tier 2 and Tier 3+ cities so that it can service every possible PIN code in this country and be ready for the bumper sale days. The supply chain model thus created supports the entire ecosystem. “We complement the Kirana ecosystem. Flipkart has partnered with 2,00,000 Kirana stores, which deliver about 1 million shipments every day. They know the entire neighbourhood at a personal level and can drive greater customer delight because of this,” he further said.

The delight that the sale brings extends beyond the customers, who get access to great deals, and sellers, who gain access to a wide marketplace of more than one billion people. Events such as The Big Billion Days sale spell festivities for the whole ecosystem and society at large, as it creates direct and indirect employment for more than 2 lakh people each year. At Flipkart, the other differentiator is that it also drives inclusion and diversity in this process. Today, the e-commerce giant has more than 10,000 women working across different roles and geographies. In addition, there are another 1,000 plus differently-abled who are employed in different capacities.

Flipkart is known for its technological prowess and the ability to solve the biggest problems through the use of the right technology. Badri spoke about the major pillars that power events such as The Big Billion Days from the backend.

“Flipkart is a technology lead supply chain and technology is at the centre of all that we do, whether you talk about automated guided vehicles, or cross bed sorters prospects or robo packing machines. It is so integrated in our entire DNA that we create a differentiated solution at all levels,” he said.

Flipkart has a very unique supply chain that is powered by technology to minimise the effort and improve reliability. For instance, every vehicle at Flipkart logistics has a digi lock from a safety perspective, every route is optimised and each vehicle is monitored through a GPS, beat planning is optimised for the entire last mile, AI ML algorithms are run for inventory management. “When you look at such a large ecosystem running as we deliver 100 million plus shipments, it has to run like music, and be extremely repeatable and consistent. For that, technology acts as a huge differentiator for us,” he further said.

So, login to Flipkart and start adding to your shopping carts. Be rest assured, your order will reach you in the fastest and most efficient manner.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of the brand by HT Brand Studio.

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