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Feel-good perfumes available at up to 56% off

Perfumes are the perfect ‘pick me up’ to kickstart the day on a positive note.

The power and magic of a good perfume is perhaps underrated. The fragrance a man likes reflects something about his personality. The lingering smell of the perfume remains etched in the mind for a long time just like a beautiful memory does. A great way to kickstart one day on a positive note, spritzing perfume on one’s pulse points is alluring and charming. It boosts one’s confidence, mood and attitude too.

This is the best time to grab your favourite bottle of perfume, or bet yet a perfume set for men. Why, you ask? Well, Amazon end of season sale is here and there are discounts on many interesting gift sets. They are all for men. The latter will discover a range of fragrances and will surely be tempted to try many out of the listed options. Grab the opportunity and get different scents that best suit your personality.

Park Avenue Perfume for Men
This set has the goodness of four different perfumes. All formulations have long lasting and lingering fragrances. They are poignant and pleasant. They are designed for men and come in stylish bottles and packaging. A great option to give on Christmas to men in your love, this will boost their confidence and keep them in a happy mood. Grab 42% off on them.


Park Avenue Perfume for Men, Triumph and Affaire, Buy 1 Get 1 | Eau De Parfum Combo | Premium, Long Lasting, Exotic Fragrance Spray | Ideal Gift Set For Men




The Man Company Everyday Use Pocket Perfume
This gift set has three perfumes and they are formulated for men alone. You will find packaging to be done very nicely, but what’s even heartwarming is the fragrances of these perfumes. They are mood uplifting and the perfect pick me up one would need on one of the low days. One can spritz the perfumes on their pulse points and feel good and happy about it. Grab 56% off on it.


The Man Company Everyday Use Pocket Perfume for Men 4*8ml with Intense, Musk, Joy & Citron for Office Going, Party, Date & Travelling | Long Lasting Fragrance Set for Him




BEARDO Assorted Premium Long Lasting Pocket Perfume Gift Set
This gift set has four perfumes and all of them are designed for men. Long lasting fragrances that will transport one to a happy headspace, they will definitely make for a thoughtful gifting option. You can carry the perfumes when travelling as the bottles are compact in size. Grab this set and enjoy 12% off on it. Your men folks will thank you for this one from the bottom of their hearts and that’s a given.


BEARDO Assorted Premium Long Lasting Pocket Perfume Gift Set Travel Pack with Whisky Smoke Godfather Dark Side and Black Musk Perfume for Men (4X8ml)




PERFUMERS CLUB “Best Fragrance
This set of four aromatic fragrances is for men’s use. The formulations are named Musk, Citron, Joy and Intense. All of them come in travel-friendly packaging and are long lasting in nature. They are made from a range of natural ingredients and are long lasting in nature. One can grab this set at 38% off. It will make for a great gifting option.


PERFUMERS CLUB “Best Fragrance for Men 2020” Gift Set of 3 (Into The Wild + Wild Child + Wanderer)




Bombay Shaving Co Perfume Set
Who doesn’t like to buy one and get-one-free deal? What’s even more exciting is that this set of perfumes comes at 30% off. The scent of the perfume is poignant and best suited for those who are bold and fearless. One of the perfumes named Triumph has citrusy and amber notes and the Affaire has citrusy, woody and musky notes. It will make for a great Christmas gift.


Bombay Shaving Co Perfume Set for Men 4×8 ml | Luxury Perfume for Men | Long Lasting Fragrance Gift for Men




Price of perfume sets at a glance:

 Perfumes Price
 Bombay Shaving Co Perfume Set   649
 PERFUMERS CLUB “Best Fragrance   1,797
 BEARDO Assorted Premium Long Lasting Pocket Perfume Gift Set   699
 The Man Company Everyday Use Pocket Perfume   596
 Park Avenue Perfume for Men   1,499

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