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Doctor Performs CPR To Save Life Of A Person Who Collapsed While Shopping At IKEA Bengaluru

Many praised the doctor for his efforts and dedication towards the patient.

A man who collapsed after suffering a heart attack while shopping at IKEA store in Bengaluru was saved by a fellow shopper, also a doctor, who managed to revive him in time with cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. A video of the incident has been posted by the doctor’s son on Twitter and is gaining traction. It shows a man lying unconscious on the ground. The doctor, dressed in a blue shirt, springs into action and starts giving him chest compressions to restore blood circulation and breathing. According to the description of the video, the process went on for 10 minutes after which the man lying on the ground gained consciousness and is seen coughing. Two IKEA employees were also seen assisting the man. 

The video, shared by Rohit Dak on Twitter, has been captioned, “My dad saved a life. We happen to be at IKEA Bangalore where someone had an attack and had no pulse. Dad worked on him for more than 10 mins and revived him. Lucky guy that a trained orthopedic surgeon was shopping in the next lane.” He added, “Doctors are a blessing. Respect !!!”

Since being shared, the video has over two lakh views and nine thousand likes. Many praised the doctor for his efforts and dedication towards the patient.

“Convey my thank you to him. Nothing is more satisfying than saving a life,” said a person.

A second added, “Doctors are special messengers of God in emergency situations. They can retrieve people from the Jaws of death and give them a fresh lease of life. You must be a proud son today and forever.”

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“Indeed sir. You prevented thousands of tears of his family members,” added a third user. 

“Lucky person, got saved due to timely medical attention within crucial time,” added another person. 

“What a feeling he’ll have bringing back someone from almost dead. No wonder it’s called Noble profession,” said another user. 

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