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Looking for a great DIY gift idea that is personalized and easy?  Check out Yarn Letters.  This will take about 10-15 minutes per letter and costs less than $10.  If you make more than one letter and reuse your left over supplies the cost is even lower.

Yarn Letters are adorable and make great decorations for a babies nursery, bedroom or even a bathroom.  They are super easy to make and pretty much always turn out cute.  I have also seen these used at Weddings or showers for sweet decorations.


Supplies you need:

-Wooden or Cardboard Letters
-Glue (Hot Glue Gun works the best)
-Your favorite Color Yarn (I usually pick 2-3 colors)
-Your favorite Embellishments

Here’s How to Make your Yarn Letters with 3 colors:

1.  Cover a small part of the letter with glue on one side only as far as you want your first color

2. Place a drop of glue on the back of the letter and place the end of the yarn to it

3. Wrap your first color yarn around it as far as you want that color to go on the letter.  Cut the yarn and make a knot at the back and glue the piece of yarn to the back.


4. Apply more glue on the front of the letter and begin wrapping the second color of yarn.

5. Repeat step 4 with final color of yarn.

6. Once the letter is completely wrapped with yarn, glue any extra embellishments on the letter on the front.

7. Let it dry completely and it is ready to decorate any room!


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