Denise Richards’ Car Shot at During Road Rage Incident, Actress Arrives Sobbing on Set

Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers were caught in a life-threatening situation recently, on her way to work. The Hollywood actress was on her way to the Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles on Monday when a road rage incident erupted in gunfire.

Her husband, Aaron, was driving the car. He was having a tough time finding the place, and the driver behind them was getting irritated, shouting at them while trying to squeeze in front of them, reported TMZ.

Despite the fact that Aaron let the man pass, the driver shot at Denise’s truck, hitting the back end on the driver’s side. Nobody was injured, but it was unclear if police responded to the incident.

The actress was unnerved by the incident, sobbing as she arrived on set. Someone from production saw the bullet hole on the truck and called 911.

After the shocking incident, Denise still worked through the day, clocking 12 hours. Aaron stayed with her the whole time. When she was ready to leave, an off-duty cop who was on set escorted Denise and Aaron back to the freeway, where they made their way home.

The Los Angeles Police Department, which has jurisdiction in the area of the studio, said that it had no record of such a report and that no investigation was underway, NBC reported.

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