Backblaze Computer Backup: 20% off


From November 25th at 12am PST through November 28th at 11:59PM PST, new Backblaze Computer Backup customers who purchase a license can get 20% off at checkout by using the offer code “BLAZEON22”.

Backblaze makes using, storing, and protecting data astonishingly easy.

Backblaze Computer Backup automatically backs up a virtually unlimited amount of data from laptops and desktops for businesses and individuals. Backblaze is available for both Macs and PCs. Users can access and restore their files from the web or from the mobile app available for iOS and Android, or they can opt to have their data shipped to them on an external hard drive with a full refund upon return. Backblaze keeps all old file versions or deleted backups for 30 days, and with Extended Version History, users can choose to extend that time to one year or forever. Shop Now at Backblaze

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