Viral TikTok trend warns people from wearing hair claw clips whilst driving due to risk of injury

Woman issues grave warning about why you should never drive with a claw clip in your hair

  • A woman warned over wearing a claw clip in your hair when you’re driving 
  • The clip can embed into the skull after an accident and it is safest to use a hair tie

A woman has shared a warning after learning why you shouldn’t wear a claw clip when you’re driving. 

The habit can be fatal in the case of an accident, as there is a risk the pointed clip will embed in your skull.

‘Here is your daily reminder to take your claw clips out girls before you start driving because apparently if you get in a car crash it will impale you,’ the woman said.

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‘Girls have died from having their hair clips on because if you get in a car crash and you hit your head back this goes into your skull,’ she said, pointing at claws on the clip.

In 2011, a five-year-old girl reportedly fell down and suffered brain damage after the claws of her hair clip became embedded in her skull.

Scientists began issuing warnings against the claw clip at this point as they risk fatally escalating what could otherwise be a treatable accident or crash.

The clips are used to hold hair off the face, or as an alternative to a hair tie, they usually sit at the back of the head.

If the driver suddenly came to a stop or got into an accident the clip could hit against the ca’s headrest and impale the skull. 

Student nurse Natalie Kate previously reiterated the warning for all ‘claw clip girlies’ after receiving a harrowing warning from a doctor she worked with.

The doctor advised her against ever wearing a clip whilst driving as he had seen girls with the clip impaled into their skin.

‘I will never ever wear that again whilst driving,’ Natalie said.

Young women are advising other claw clip users to try out a hair band, hair tie or just leave their hair down next time they go for a drive.

Amrita Pandya, a journalist for Women Planet, is also spreading the message about the danger of hair clips.

She explained that she was hit by a bike whilst walking on the pavement, and fell backwards, hitting her head against the clip she was wearing and the pavement.

The danger of a claw hair clip

There is a risk that in the event of an accident, claw clips can shatter and the pointed clip will embed in your skull.

Young women are advising other claw clip users to try out a hair band, hair tie or just leave their hair down next time they go for a drive.

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‘The only reason for my severe injury was my hair accessory (Jaw Clip). I had wrapped my hair with a jaw clip. Since my jaw clip was brittle and made out of plastic, it broke into pieces and a small piece of the same jaw clip broke into my head,’ she explained.

The plastic embedded in her head left her unconscious for five minutes and resulted in prolonged blurred vision and dizziness. 

People were shocked after receiving the warning.

‘Oh my! I wear them everyday,’ one woman said.

‘Gonna have to adjust my whole life because of this,’ another agreed.

‘This actually happened to my mom when she got into an accident. They had to pull it out of her head and shave her head cause it was so mangled,’ one woman admitted. 

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