Tenant in wealthy suburb slammed for being ‘dramatic’ about messy neighbours moving out 

Homeowner in wealthy suburb is slammed for being ‘dramatic’ over ‘stupid complaint’ about neighbours – but others agree with her

  • A middle-aged woman has been slammed for overreacting
  • She trashed ex-neighbour who left rubbish on site

A woman has been slammed for being ‘dramatic’ after she complained about the ‘huge mess’ her former neighbours left behind on moving day.

The homeowner took photos of a pedestal fan sitting next to her apartment building as well as an overflowing bin with a heavy suitcase set to the side.

To add to the ‘drama’ the woman, who lives in the affluent Northern Beaches, said she was too scared to look in the suitcase in case it had ‘a dead something’ inside.

‘Tenants move out leave their junk, they don’t care nor do the strata. Why aren’t there rules or no one cares they should be fined by the committee,’ she complained.

Some people could see her point of view and expressed their own concerns about people dumping rubbish.

A middle-aged homeowner has been left furious after former neighbours 'left a mess' on moving day - the mess included this randomly placed fan

A middle-aged homeowner has been left furious after former neighbours ‘left a mess’ on moving day – the mess included this randomly placed fan 

‘The problem is once one person does it the pile grows bigger,’ one man said.

But most told the woman she was over reacting, some even suggested she call council to pick up the rubbish if she was concerned.


Is the home owner overreacting?

  • Yes, the rubbish is fine 12 votes
  • No, I would be livid 11 votes

‘The level of ‘rubbish’ here is so minor that it would barely warrant commentary in person,’ one man said.

‘OP appears to be the type of person who is simply looking to complain, they’ve presumably exhausted the people around them in their own life with this attitude and have decided to instead voice their frustrations aimlessly on the internet,’ he added.

One woman took a sarcastic approach to telling the older woman off: ‘Oh no rubbish left in the rubbish area where it should be,’ she said.

‘And a random fan. I wish I had this much time on my hands to be a Karen.’

The woman admitted her fears there could be 'something dead' in the suitcase and complained they had over filled the bins

The woman admitted her fears there could be ‘something dead’ in the suitcase and complained they had over filled the bins 

The woman appears to be an owner in the apartment complex and also called out her strata company.

She appeared frustrated that nothing could be done about the rubbish and wanted the people moving out to be fined for the mess or to pay to have it removed.

‘We had people leave mess at our block too, cost $200 to move it which is super frustrating,’ one woman complained, empathising with the cranky home owner.  

Others, representatives from strata management companies, then hijacked the post promising to make tenants accountable for rubbish dumps. 

What should tenants do when moving out 

You can end a lease if you want to move out of the property. The landlord or agent can also end a lease if they no longer want you living in the property.

In most situations, this involves:

Giving the correct amount of notice in writing – 

Moving out of the property by the specified date

Leaving the property clean and empty

Conducting a final inspection of the property with the landlord or agent

Arranging for the bond to be returned

If you leave belongings or rubbish in your home when vacating you can be charged rent until it is cleaned, according to Realestate.com – however there doesn’t appear to be a hard-and-fast rule for common areas in strata-run blocks.

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