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Dallas Stars fan takes a brutal punch to the face after using the N-word at NHL game

Dallas Stars fan takes a brutal punch to the face after calling the man in the row behind him the N-word at NHL game – and then pleads ‘I ain’t done s***. He hit me first. F*** that’

A Dallas Stars fan was rocked with a vicious right hand after calling another man a ‘dumba** n****.’

The fight occurred during the Stars’ 4-1 win over the Minnesota Wild in the NHL on Wednesday night with footage showing the mullet-sporting man chirping before getting socked in the jaw. 

Prior to the insult, he had urged the heavier individual to ‘step down here and I’ll box your a**.’

When that was refused, he continued the tirade saying: ‘All right then. Stay the f*** up there dumba** n****.’

He was hit multiple times after initially falling backward after the first hit before a woman jumped in throwing haymakers of her own. 

The fan wearing a Jamie Benn was rocked by a right hand in Dallas on Wednesday night

He fell backward after being socked with a big right

A Dallas Stars fan wearing a mullet and Jamie Benn jersey was rocked with a big right hand

The previously talkative young man was referred to as a ‘little boy’ while he was pinned under the forearm of the aggressor. 

He was wearing a No. 14 Jamie Benn jersey as he got beat up for his antisocial behavior. 

Though he insisted ‘I ain’t done s***. He hit me first. F*** that, he hit me first.’

According to an eyewitness, the fight commenced following ‘confusion over who was in whose seats’ per TMZ.  

Chad Marchman spoke to the outlet, detailing the Benn fan was ‘annoying people in the section after being asked to move.’

It is unknown if any injuries were sustained or whether any arrests were made following the violent brawl at the American Airlines Center. has reached out to the Dallas Police Department for comment.  

A woman jumped to his aid throwing punches of her own

The fan was pinned down after being hit multiple times

The young fan was pinned down after a woman tried to throw some haymakers of her own 

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